Layering (z axis) issues

I’m encountering some very strange issues in regards to hiearchy.

Everytime I move something under the another layer, the parenting works of course, but the actual layer shift place in the z axis.

It happened on a character I tried to make into a template into the library too…

I’m have created two characters both saved into the library. The second one had some trouble. After I had saved the template into the library, the Z axis changed. Althought it’s still “0” in value, but for example, the eyes layers are in the back of the head and the arms are behind the torso.

The only solution is I ended up editing the template and take those layers and edit the value in z-axis. In fact when i just type the numbers into the box, it doesn’t change the value, I have to middle mouse drag left and right, before I can type in a specific value I want like 0.0003 B…

It’s a little annoying and it’s definitely very time consuming to have to always do this tweaks. I’d like to know if this is a common bug on Toon Boom Animate or it is a user issue?

I’m currently using vista and toon boom animate. I wonder if that could be an issue for weridness?

When you shift in the z axis you need to create keyframes if you are using drawings.

It isn’t a common bug and is likly something small you are missing in your workflow.

I am fairly sure it isn’t Vista and you should be able to figure out how to do this.

Thank you TheRaider! I’m glad it was a user mistake. I will try it out on my next attempt of rigging.

It is natural that when you parent layers they will switch places, because the order in the timeline will have changed. What you need to do is set a keyframe and nudge the layer back and forth. However your layers should not flip around when you create a template, unless your template’s structure is different from the timeline’s, or if you do not have keyframes on your layers. When you make a template make sure to create a keyframe on Frame 1, and also drag from the left hand side of the timeline.

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