layering upper arm behind body so forearm is in front of body

Hi all. So I am trying to get my rig so my upper arm is behind my body, and I want my forearm to be in front of the body. I am using auto patch on the elbow so my line art is covered by colour art and there is no overlaps with my line art.

HOWEVER, as soon as I move my forearm forward in z space to move it in front of my body, the autopatch fails (I am presuming that it is because my upper and lower arm are not in the same z space layer).

It is a front facing rig, and I do nee my upper arm behind body so the rig looks ok (though when the arm crosses in front of the body I plan to move it forward in z space - which will be fine with my forearm).

Any ideas?

I am not using deformers as prefer to use inverse kinematics at this stage, and the two dont work together.

Thanks for your help!



Helped him out on discord, problem solved :smiley:

Are you using harmony premium or lesser? I can do this with nodes but i’m unsure how youd do it without the node version (you basically make it once, a z-depth auto patch cutter and then reuse it for any limbs or hair or anything that needs z-depth merging). Post the project file and i can fix/upload it so you can see.

A way you can do it is with two arm/rigs swapped depending on their required positions.

There are old TB tutorials with Lilli describing it for Animate 3.

Most, if not everything, should be applicable to Harmony Advanced and Essentials.

Harmony Premium. I looked at your link and that is exactly what I want it to do. THanks heaps for offering to show how to do it.

Embarrassing question - how do I upload my project file? You are talking about the whole folder eh?

Yea, put it in a zip file (like with winrar) and upload to media fire or mega (the whole folder with all the files in it).

Done…I think.

Hope you can make sense of rig :slight_smile:

Here, I did the right arm/forearm (camera right) as well as body.!C4RlzTzD!Jgwwdue7nwgGA2J73tmm9o8RTenvdfHYA5MNSu_Q3UM

To reproduce this just copy the group i made called autoCutter and save it in your library (that way you can pull out the node like you do other nodes).

For things that you want to over lap you put things on the overlay layer, and when you dont have nothing there. For example your forearm i duplicated, and first drawing has nothing on overlay layer so it merges seamlessly, while drawing 3 has a line cutting into arm on the overlay and so you get the cut into arm effect. Same way the armpit line works, no need for that extra complicated shoulder circle.

To plug more things into left of auto cutter (the left port ) pull in an extra comp, and add away (you can do this so that both arms plug into the body, or legs, or whatever. If you have questions post here or join the toonboom discord:

Thanks for fixing my rig!

Is there something Im missing though, as when I select render view, my char looks like the image I have added to my original comment

Hi guys. Sorry, but is there any chance you could send me a pic of what you are meaning? Not getting the change I need to make inside the group.

Hey vrexus. I have discovered that if I removed the composites from the rig, it works in render view.

HOWEVER, the problem being here is that if I can’t plug in a composite, I can seem to only have one arm blending with my shirt at any time. I have tried this with a completely new drawing with no movements and it is doing the same thing.

Works without composites, but can only have one arm working at any time.

Any thoughts?

I have uploaded a test arm rig to show whats happening, and two images on another rig that shows what is happening as well.

Hope you get this and thanks for your help!

Hi anrhan,

I looked at the scene sent to you by vrexus and there is one thing to change to have the same result in both OpenGL and Render views.
The Composite gathering all the connections going into the Matte port of the Cutter should be BELOW the Auto-Patch, not above it.

Composites should not be deleted, as they are important to keep a Node View clean and tidy, and therefore have an easier time working on your rig.

I hope it helps,

Oh I fixed the problem the day you came in discord but you weren’t there to see it haha. That mediafire link doesnt work but if you come back to discord and @me i can help (or pm me on there).

Yea that’s the fix. I accidentally put the composites above the autopatch when instead it should have been bellow. If you change that in all the groups it will work, and you can save that group in the library and reuse it for any other limb.