Layering problem

I have my character layered shawl, tassels, upper arm, lower arm, watch and hand. I want to bring the character’s arm in front of their face but it hides behind the shawl, but if I nudge it forward than it appears in front of the shawl. Is there a work around for this?

There are a few solutions. It’s hard to narrow down the best option without seeing the set up.

If you always want the arm to be behind the shawl, you can use it as a cutter for the arm.
Or, you can nudge the arm and the shawl ahead together, so they are at the same z depth.

Or, if you just want the lower arm above, you can bring that forward individually and leave the supper arm back.
Or, you can layer things differently, so that the lower arm is above the shawl, and the upper arm is behind the shawl.