layering issues


I was watching the Toon Boom Animate Drawing Basics. She was layering the red guy and the background, on two different layers. She clicked on one layer and the image showed, but the the other didn’t.

I did the exact same steps she did and for some reason, my layers are together. I’ll click on layer one, draw a picture, then click on the other layer and the picture will still be there and still be touchable; as hers did not. For some reason, I don’t know why, and I can’t figure it out both of my layers act as one layer and its not making me happy :’(

Can someone please help me?


Yes, I am in the drawing view and I have the grid thing up. But other than that, I did everything the girl did on the tutorial :frowning:

I clicked on ranger and drew the ranger. Then I made a new layer vis clicking the plus button → drawing, then I drew the gun, but the ranger was still showing.

The third picture has the layers without checks in their boxes.

So, yeah, I can’t understand it :frowning:

I just downloaded Toon Boom Animate PRO the ple trial version. It does it on pro but not on my regular Toon Boom :frowning:

As I can see in your screenshoots, you are working only in one layer, named Ranger, the drawing cell is visible in timeline colorized in red. The other layer Gun hasn´t any drawing, haven´t exposure here. You need select the first cell in this layer and then draw in it, and then this cell appears visible in the layer Gun. Also, you can go to create a new empty drawing cell and selecting it, draw in the drawing window. When created, you can see it in the left window in the library window, as new drawing as drawing 1, now you has the 0 cell and the 1, your actual drawing cell.
To prevent overwritting the Ranger layer with the gun, you can go to lock this layer when draw, with the padlock in the left side of the timeline layer section.
Don´t forget to activate the light table button if you need see both layers contents in the drawing view.
In the third png the layers visibility is unchecked, but the Ranger layer is selected, and for this reason you can see the drawing. Hope that you can solve the issue understanding this how to.

Best Regards


uhm yeah, see, what i did was open toon boom animate, create one layer since there is already a layer created. I renamed one ranger and the other gun. And both layers are being used

Picture 1 shows gun being highlighted and you see the gun and the ranger.

Picture 2 shows ranger with the gun when it shouldn’t be shown, as I have seen on the tutorial.

Picture 3 shows both of them unchecked when we can see both pictures.

I don’t have the light table button on at all. :confused:


The layer enable/disable visibility operates showing or not others layers contents in drawing view, ONLY IF THE LIGHT TABLE IS ON.

In your pictures you have the light table off.

You have only one drawing cell exposed in the ranger layer, and all the drawing, ranger and gun, are found in this unique drawing.
If you pick out this cell, in the empty upper cell of the gun layer for example, the red cell turns grey and the drawing is no longuer visible (with the light table off)
Draw a gun in the first cell of gun drawing layer, selecting this empty cell in timeline and draw in the drawing window, now this cell turns in red because now this is the active cell and you are working on it.

You must leave almost two layers with drawing content for see the light table result in drawing view.

You can select the active cell picking on it, this turn red, and you can work in this specific content. You can see others layers contents only if the light table is active and those layers have enabled visibility.

Test it and I´m sure that you can verify how this works. Good luck.


Are you in the Drawing View? When you just want to see one layer at a time, you should be in the Drawing View instead of the Camera View.


And you’re sure that you have different content in each of the drawing layers?

First of all, in your timeline, you’ve got two separate layers, correct?

Do you have the Light Table turned on? (View menu or the light button at the top of the drawing view)

Maybe including a screenshot will help me to help you. Just upload your screenshot to a free site like Photobucket then post the link here.