Layer replacement

I’ve created an animatic in Toon Boom Animate. In the animatic I have some stand-in titles. The Timing and placement of the titles is just where I want it.
Now I need to replace the stand-ins w/ the real 3D rendered titles. How can I do this? I’ve gone to the layer, selected the first frame and imported the new title, but it only works for that frame even though the exposure of that frame is set to the title’s entire duration. Furthermore, although it shows up in the camera view, I do not see it in the drawing view. Any ideas on how to successfully replace the contents of a layer in Animate with an imported file?

This may not be the standard way to do this but this is how I solved the problem when I recently crashed the same car :wink:

Load your 3D rendered titles to their own layer. Extend the exposure to the end of the timeline. Toggle the visibility to off.

Select the layer for the stand-in titles. Open the LAYER PROPERTIES.

Select the DRAWING tab.

The FULL_NAME field will contain the name of the layer but the field will be greyed out.

Click on the bezier icon next to the FULL_NAME field. A context menu will open.

Select DRAWING and you’ll see a list of all assets by layer name. Choose the replacement layer (the rendered 3-d titles layer).

The stand-in titles layer will now dereference the 3-d title layer.

In addition, if there are swapped drawings in the stand-in layer, provided the images in the 3d titles layer are in the same order, everything will update.

sounds good to me. Thanks!