Layer Properties Enable/Disable check box animation. TB 14


I’m working with Toon Boom 14, and I was wondering if there is a way to animate the Enable/Disable (as “on” on a frame and "off " on another ) checkbox from the Layer Properties, just you can do it in CGI software.
As it would be really useful in case of a character picking up or releasing a prop.

If anyone knows would be an interesting thing to integrate.

Have a wonderful day,

The best thing ( I think ) is to have the prop in two layers ( one in hand and one on table ) and delete frames in the handprop layer when doing the move … etc

would that work?

you can create a prop with an empty frame at the end…call it HANDLE,
Place a copy of the prop in the character hand’s peg and set to HANDLE
When the character needs to pick up the prop from the table, for example, you swap the prop on the table to handle, and the one in the character’s hand to frame 1.
But…no i don’t know in TB14 any Enable/Disable like CGI…that would be nice to have…maybe 16 or 17 has it.