Layer Properties Enable/Disable check box animation. TB 14


I’m working with Toon Boom 14, and I was wondering if there is a way to animate the Enable/Disable (as “on” on a frame and "off " on another ) check box from the Layer Properties, just you can do it in CGI software.
As it would be really useful in case of a character picking up or releasing a prop.

If anyone knows would be an interesting thing to integrate.

Have a wonderful day,

I’m not sure if I understand correctly your problem.

Did you try by removing exposure? just delete the drawing from the timeline in the frames you don’t want it visible.

If you want a character to pick a prop, what I’d do is to clone (only drawings, not timeline) the prop, one in the floor and one in the character’s hand, at the moment he/she picks up the prop, I delete the exposure from the one in the floor and add exposure to the one in the hand.

The on/off switch on ‘Animate Using Animation Tools’ on Layer Properties is used accordingly if you want to animate (keyframe) the drawing layer itself of the peg connected to the drawing. If you animate on pegs you will want to have ‘Animate…’ on the drawing layer off so that you won’t keyframe by accident both layers. The most practical way to animate a prop switching it from being connected to unconnected to a character should be as scardario suggested, by having separate layers and working with exposures.