Layer Properties Drawing Tab Missing

Hi everybody,

I am using Animate 3. Sometimes when I am working in the Camera View with the Light Table on, I need to decrease one of my layers’ opacity. I have been doing that with the Transparency Module, but recently I’ve been looking through the User Guide and I found a part saying that I can do that from the Layer Properties’ Drawing Tab (

However, when I open the Layer Properties panel, I don’t find the whole Drawing Tab. I only have the Transformation, and the Advanced tabs.

I don’t know what is the problem.

Can you help me??

I just need to add, that I don’t need the opacity to be able to animate it. I need to decrease the opacity of the layer to be able to draw better. This doesn’t work with the transparency module unless I am in Render View.

There are other options such as decreasing the opacity of the whole Light Table, but this is not practical since I might need to decrease the opacity of one layer and increase the opacity of another one.

Much of the User Guide for Animate and Animate Pro is shared. There are oversights when it comes to flagging or omitting the Pro only sections in the Animate User Guide. Whenever you see “module” used in the description it is referring to Animate Pro. The Drawing Tab is only available in Animate Pro. In Animate the transparency effect is a Layer and has its own Layer Properties window.

Thank you very much.