Layer Properties - Double Click Problem

Whenever I select a layer in the timeline (in the layer name area) it brings up the layer properties box. How can I disable this or make it less sensitive (ie only bringing up the layer properties box when double clicked?)

Are you using a tablet? Perhaps you’re running into problems because the tip of your pen is loose, and it’s doing a double-click instead of a single-click. You can also double-check tablet properties. Are you using Vista? Do you have Vista’s special clicks enabled in the Pen and Input Devices in the control panel? On your tablet preferences, do you have one of your buttons mapped to do a double-click? Are you pushing one of those buttons by mistake?

Unfortunately there’s no way to disable this or to desensitize the double-click.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply. The problem may be my mouse, as I hadn’t tried using my Wacom tablet while learning the interface. Using the pen I don’t get the box coming up. I’ll be more thorough before posting questions in future.

No worries - I’m glad you managed to sort it out! :slight_smile: