Layer pegs manipulating

Is there any opportunity to manipulate the whole layer - scale, relocate etc., (but not only every separate drawing in the layer ) in hand-drawn animation mode?

Hi garryS

I do not see the connection between the subject of your post and the question. I am not really sure what you mean by hand drawn animation mode. So hope I am not mixing things up here. My answer may miss the target .

There is a Reposition All Drawings tool. It’s hidden behind the selection tool the very topmost tool in the toolbar. Just press hold the tool and a roll down will show Select , Cutter, Reposition All Drawings.
Just select the tool by moving the curser still pressing, then let go.
You might find It most convenient to use it in the Drawing View with the Light Table enabled. But if you need computer animated layers to show current state for frame you use the camera window. Also here you can turn on Light Table if needed.
Hope this is what you were looking for.

Best regards