Layer ordering and flash

My animation is a bunch of eyeballs opening - don’t ask.
I started with one and then created the others by duplicating and changing the animation a little.

It looks fine in workspace preview but in Flash preview the layers are out of order. I’m assuming this is because of some sort of z-depth effect and that I could probably sort it by nudging layers. So. my question is how do I nudge the master peg layer of each animated eye as a whole?

Hi Lilly:
Good tips but…

Nudging the pegs doesn’t seem to work for Flash export. The layers still seem to overlap where they shouldn’t (though it looks fine in Animate.) Any ideas?

I’ll export all the layers individually for the final piece so I can add action script but I would like to be able to avoid this happening in future projects.

hi Lilly
I’m not actually trying to export with Z-depth. I just though that that might be a solution.
Is there a way to just export as per the time line or is this how it should work and have I somehow messed it up by duplicating layers?

I’ll try and sort out screen shots later.

I am still not receiving notification form the forum of new posts :frowning:

Hi Lilly:
No effects.
Here are the screen shots:
This is what I see in animate.
This is what happens to the Flash export.

I animated 1 eyeball then duplicated it and shifted the keys for the others. There are no effects or Layer ordering. (I tried shifting the master pegs in z-depth but that didn’t seem to work)

Both screens are from the last frame of the animation

Hi Lilly:
I’ll email support. Thanks.

I have just finished the jar animation and if you are interested you can see it on my Blog:

Colour layout, elements and backgrounds done in Xara Designer Pro, Animation in Animate put together with interaction in Flash.

Thanks Lilly.
No hurry. The project is finished now butt I would really like to know what is going on. It seems like every time I try to learn Animate I run into something like this…I could just be me though. :frowning:

I agree on the animation. It was pretty neat.

Thank you kindly :slight_smile:

I usually do my animation in Anime Studio and Flash. It is usually much quicker for what I want. The news that Animate will get bones in it’s next version is making me bite the bullet and apply myself.

Animate has IK. That is better than most bone systems i have seen.

Correct placement of pivots gives a bone system of sorts too.

Personally I don’t see bones as being a huge/signifcant upgrade on Animate. There are other areas I feel you would see the improvements more in.

I assume it will get anyway since studio has them now.

The ability of bones to deform a large area of the model gives limited animation that extra something though. Fingers crossed that it works well in Animate and in a very streamlined manner.

If you want to nudge a peg, simply select that peg in your timeline. Then get the focus back into the camera window (the red outline) - you can do this either by holding down spacebar and clicking in the camera window (this will do a pan, but it will get your focus back in that window without accidentally using your tool). Or there is also a preference called Focus on Mouse Enter that will automatically put the focus in whichever window your mouse is hovering over. Then you can simply nudge with your transform tool by clicking Alt+Down arrow for forward and Alt+Up for backward just like you’d do with a drawing.

Something else that you should be aware of is that you can also select a drawing with your transform tool and then hit B and this will select the parent of this drawing - if it’s attached to a peg, or another drawing, it will go up one level. Shift+B will go down a level.

Hope this helps!


Well there’s a couple of things to be aware of. One of them is that flash doesn’t support Z depth. I believe that what happens is when we do an export with z depth, we kind of fake this in flash with scaling and the such - but I can run some tests and verify whether this is the case.

The other thing to be aware of is that some effects won’t transfer over to Flash because it handles its effects differently - so if there are any effects on these layers then that could possibly cause some problems to occur.

Do you have a couple of screenshots - one of what it looks like in Animate (with the timeline) and the other of what the flash output looks like? If you could upload the screenshots to a free site like photobucket, you could post the link here.


I have contacted the webmaster regarding the issue with the notification. I will let you know when I have any information on this front.

Do you have any effects on your character? Screenshots would still be useful when you get a chance. :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

I think we need the scene to debug this problem. I’m leaning towards it being something to do with the symbol but it’s going to be really hard to debug this without being able to see the scene.

Any way you can email and we’ll set up an ftp for you?

Love the eyeball jar by the way. Super cool!


Looks awesome! I’ll take a look at the scene when I get it and see if I can figure out what the problem was.