Layer order vs z-coordinate?

I just struggled with a scene where a partially transparent layer in a group closer to the camera hid a complete layer that came first in the timeline.

First of all, I don’t think a partially transparent layer should hide anything underneath, which could logically speaking be visible through its transparent parts?

Second, what exctly is the interaction between layer order and z-coordinates? In case of conflicts, which of the two is used?

Was the first error in a render or in a just in the software? Because the software is a draft view and it might render it out fine.

For the Z v layer, layer order applies to drawings on the same Z. Z coords always overrider layer order(which makes sense and is very useful).

The error occurred in the render. Your explanation on z vs. layer makes sense, is what I expected, but not what I experienced. I’ll try to reproduce this for support.

Are you using the 3D features? because they can act kind of funny depending on order.

Nope, I’m keeping everything flat…

I would definitly email support, they can actually look at your file and see if it is a glitch or user error. They are trustworthy so it safe to let them see if your art if they offer (and will get to bottom of the problem quickest).

What you are describing clearly shouldn’t be happening!