Layer Order-unable to nudge

Within a Hierarchy of layers, I am unable to nudge a part forward or backward in Z axis either by using the ALT + Up/Down key shortcut or the Drawing/Arrange/Bring to Front or Move to Back command (appears inactive in pulldown). I’m in Animate mode and have the Transform tool selected.
Is this a glitch? Or am in not set up properly in the timeline?
I found that by using the Perspective view, I was able to easily nudge the part as needed.

Alt+up- and down arrows does “micro-nudging” one hardly sees…
Add the shift key for bigger increments…

Or, open the Coord. and Control Points Panel, check the Z-Value…
Or hold down the alt/option-key, then drag up or down in the viewport…
Or use the Top- or Side-View for positioning…


Bring to Front / Back etc. is intended for Drawing layers in Drawing view…
Moving different objects forth or back in the same cell…

I’m having the same problem as the original poster. ???

1) On Windows 7, in Animator Pro 2,
2) in camera view,
3) after selecting a graphic element in a layer,
4) when pressing Alt+Up Arrow or Alt+Down Arrow the graphic element does not move “Forward” or “Backward” in the z-direction; it in fact moves up or down in the y coordinate direction, NOT the z-direction as advertised on page 99 of the Getting Started Guide>Ordering Layer Hierarchy.

I’ve tried to reset the Shortcuts to “Toon Boom Animate” from Edit>Preferences but this did not help.

Using the method of editing the z-value in the Layer Properties or the method of nudging it in Top/Side is bothersome :-\ but it works.

Does anyone know of a way to get the control feature to work as described in the documentation? Is there some setting somewhere that I accidentally deactivated?

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Are you using the Transform tool to nudge?

If you are using the Select tool then you are moving within a drawing and this will not work. If you are moving lines in the drawing with the Select tool then, as Lilly explained, you have move back/forward not nudge with Alt + Down/up. In this case you are just reordering the graphic elements of the drawing (lines, shapes).

Thanks so much! That was the problem :smiley: . I had the Select tool active instead of the Transform tool!

Just to clarify something, “Send to Back” works when you make a selection on a single drawing layer (as Nolan said, usually used in the drawing view) and you want to send it behind everything else ON THAT LAYER. It won’t change the position of the layers.

Now when it comes to nudging, what might be the problem is your focus (red outline). Make sure that the red outline is around the camera view when you try to nudge. Sometimes what happens is you might select a drawing layer in your timeline, then your shortcuts for nudging won’t work. You can hold down spacebar then click in the camera view to get the focus back in that window.