Layer Order Problem?


So I have a problem. There’s two layers, which I’ll call A and B for now. Layer A is below layer B, but for some reason layer B still is above layer A, even though they’re arranged in the opposite order. I don’t know what’s wrong, since everything I see tells me that layer A is below layer B, and that layer B is above layer A. Please help!


  • Toshiba laptop
  • ToonBoom Harmony Essentials
  • Wacom Bamboo tablet (though that doesn’t really matter…)

The picture of the problem is below

Hi RowanclawElite,

the problem could come from the z - position of your drawings.

To see the layer’s transformation attributes uncollapse the layers in the timeline (click onto the cross on the right side of your layer).

Now, you can compare the ‘Pos z’ values of both layers.

Best regards,