Layer Opacity

Is there anyway to adjust opacity of an individual layer? I searched through the documentation and couldn’t find anything.

layer properties brett. under the drawing tab

Ok thanks… didn’t see it!

In Animate Pro 2, you need add a transparency module under the drawing module layer, and clicking in the left square of the transparency module, is possible adjust the transparency values. You can preview the effect result only using the render view.
Hope that solve his doubt.


I don’t need it as a rendered effect, I was just asking as a general way of managing layers, like if I need to lower opacity of a layer temporarily, analogous to the opacity slider that is on every layer like in Gimp or TVPaint.

Hey I am looking at this in TBPro now in the layer properties drawing tab, I don’t see anything here relating to layer opacity. Are you referring to the transparency settings under bitmap options?

sorry brett, might be different i’m on harmony

Ah, I’m using Animate Pro.

Need you see the other layers content as transparencies as you draw one of them?
If it is the situation, you need activate the icon Show Light Table (the lighted bulb in the drawing view tools), and you can see the contents of the other active layers as transparencies, for reference. That may be the problem? Regards.


Yoryo, yep, I discovered this last night, that’s exactly what I wanted!

Okay, I’ve seen the opacity setting in the layers panel, and I’ve drug the “transparency” effect into the timeline, but I can’t get it to change over time.

Any suggestions?

What’s a “Function Curve”? The manual says to link to it, but I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks for your help!!


P.S. Can you please let me know that you responded to my post? Thanks!!

Animating transparency over time in Animate Pro:

Hi Michael,

Thanks again for your response. I just found the answer in one of the TB tutorials. I found the video you sent me a while ago, but it crashed Safari when I tried to play it. It worked fine this time.

Now I’m trying remember how to convert type to artwork so I can skew it… Dang… I went through this about a week ago, and I didn’t put it in my notes.

Do you recall how to do that? It’s similar to “breaking apart” a symbol in Flash, I remember that much.

Thanks so much!! Eddie

Under Drawing => Convert => Break Apart Text Layers

hey I know I’m a couple years too late and I’m sure you figured it out but just in case someone else like me needs to drop opacity in harmony, double click on the layer you want to change and the properties box pops up, then under the advanced tab at the bottom you can change the opacity, this is great for me to put my rough anim on and clearly clean up over, I love you toon boom!


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