Layer Opacity not working on Storyboard Pro 20 using a Mac Mini M1

Hi! I’m trying to use layer opacity on SB Pro 20 on a Mac Mini M1 and it is not working - anything lower than 100% opacity will cause the lineart to disappear completely instead of becoming less opaque.

I know that SP Pro 20 hasn’t been updated for the M1 chip so I assume this is an M1 related issue - but anyone have any idea if this can be solved?

It wasn’t happening when I was using my old intel based Mac Pro tower a month ago.

I experienced the exact same issue on my M1 MacBook Air as well!
I don’t have a solution to the issue unfortunately, but I’m relieved to find out I’m not alone.

I hope someone can offer a solution, or that Toon Boom will take note of it and fix it down the line. :\

Please know you are not alone. I am having the exact same issue, please fix this in an update Toonboom! It is heavily hurting my workflow, up till this moment I have been more than satisfied with your product.

I am facing the same issue with the macbook pro with the M1 chip. Please look into it.

I am running into the exact same error using my M1 chip Macbook air! I unfortunately do not have a solution, but I am relieved to see that I am not the only person experiencing this exact issue.

I also assume it’s M1 chip-related. Hopefully we’ll get an update soon about how to fix this.

Same issue here, Mac Mini M1 layer opacity not working properly. Anything lower than 100% will clear the layer. Such a bummer! Hope this gets fixed soon!

Same issue here. Really hope they fix this sometime soon.

I also have a M1 machine and the opacity function isn’t working. It’s working as stated in the original post.

I read that SBPro 20 would have some issues with the M1 chip, but this was such a minor thing I didn’t think would get affected? And it’s currently messing up my overall workflow since it’s a tool that’s heavily used.

Is there a timeline when this issue can be fixed?

I have the same issue too.
I stopped fiddling with the layer opacity and started using the brush opacity.
This works for me now until Toonboom fixes this issue.

I am still having this issue! I am using my iMac with an M1 chip and SB Pro 20. Really hoping this is fixed soon. I can see that the opacity has changed in the Thumbnail view, but not the Stage View or Camera View. Super frustrating.