layer not influenced by camera-merge layers

-Is it possible to create drawing layers that is not influenced by camera movements?
-Is it possible to merge down drawing layers?
Thanks in advance.

Not exactly, but yes. ;D

What you can do is you can create a drawing layer, and make it a child of the same peg that controls the position of your camera, and then they will both move as one.

As for merging down layers, no it is not possible. The reason is that each drawing layer is just a container that contains drawings inside of it, and those drawings are exposed on various frames. It would be very complex to merge down, because the exposure could be different on the layers, and what do you do with drawings that exist in that layer but are not exposed?

What you can do is you can simply go inside each drawing, select all, and cut and paste. When you paste, it will paste on top of everything.