Layer labels text too small, can't read anything (Surface Pro 2)

Hey all! I’m still a bit new to Harmony Essentials and Toon boom in general but I’ve got this problem that’s been proving to be a major annoyance.

I got as surface pro 2 from a friend so i could work on my thesis while on winter vacation and for the convenience of a laptop. So i moved my toon boom license to this computer.

Basically my layer’s labels text are half cut-off, which is making it impossible to properly sort through things. In my example there’s a lot of layers, but it seems to be doing it even in fresh projects that have no clutter.

Try going to PCs display settings and adjust size of text(smaller in your case), you may need to log out if using win 10/8.1. I currently have my tablet set to the highest display setting (2560x1440) and my text size to 125%.

Hi joshcas,

There is also a little trick you can do avaiilable since build

The user can start our apps with the argument ‘’-disableHighDpi’’. If this argument is used, the UI will be displayed correctly, but will appear a little bit blurry.

Example: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 12.2 Essentials\win64\bin” HarmonyEssentials.exe -disableHighDpi

Hope this helps!