Layer issue

Hi, I’m as newbie as can be. TB Animate 2 PLE seems to be running fine. Tried making first animation of flapping bird cycle moving cross screen via peg. Success. Then drew background with gradient, sent it to what I thought was the bottom layer but it remains in front with bird flapping behind it, obscured. Tried moving background layer up and down timeline. No luck. Oddly enough, on very last frame of project, it’s visible on top of background.
What am I doing wrong?

Looks like, your background- and bird-layer have different Z-positions…

Select the Camera-View…
Select the background-layer in the timeline, select the Transform-Tool…(shift+T)
Either, in Top- or Side-View move the background-layer slightly backwards…

Or, hold down the alt/option key, then drag up or down in the viewport…
(this will move the background-layer forward or backward)

Otherwise check “Positioning the Scene Components” in the User Guide…


Someone is watching Adam Phillips ;D

Sounds like you might of animated the layer with the gradient on the z axis.

Since your just learning, delete the layer with the graident. Create a new drawing and redo it and see if it works. Probably the fastest way to troubleshoot.

Awesome. Both answers helped. Thanks! Got a crash course in top and side view too.
Yes, it was an Adam Phillips tutorial I was working with. He’s an inspiration and amazingly helpful. I’ve asked him questions before but didn’t want to wear out my welcome.
Thanks again! Can’t wait to get deeper into this program.