Layer groups importing on seperate cells...?

Hi there,
So I am working with Animate and CS1 (Layers are grouped as sets instead of groups, but the same principles to importing apply). When I import each file, I unfortunately get each individual layer placed on cells sequentially instead of as one layer from each group… Can anyone help me out here?
Much appreciated.

I assume you are talking of importing multi-layered PSD files from Photoshop. If so, use the Import Image…>Create Layer based on file names. It should then create a layer per set in the Timeline instead of cells in the same layer.

Unfortunately I got the same result when I tried Create Layer based on File Names.
Not sure why this is happening…

Could it be that each layer set(group) will need to be merged to one layer per Set? Or should it be possible to preserve layers within each set?

Yes you are right. You get one timeline layer per group so if you put multiple layers in the PSD file in a group they will all appear as cells not layers in the Timeline.

Great, thanks for the clarity. So one layer per Set/Group.

Second question:
I’ve now merged all layers in each set and the import worked, but two or three layers simply did not show up. Is this a known issue? Thanks.

Not that I know of. Are they regular layers or an effect? A path? An adjustment layer? Something like that?

A HA! ;D
So I figured it out…
The layer within each set needed to be named the same as the name of the set. Once I did that, all layers showed up. Go figure…