Layer Export/Render Passes

I’m trying to find a good way to export seperate “layer” passes from animate. I’m planning to re composite these layers in another application to get the results I’m looking for. A very simple example would be 3 layers inside of a symbol a line, gradient and solid layer. So if I have several symbols animated and each of these has a similar layering I’m wondering if there is a good way to render these layers passes rather than me having to go through each symbol and click off the layers I don’t want to render. I’m looking for an automated way to do that. Obviously right now I don’t think Animate does it out of the box So I’m curious if it’s possible through some clever scripting OR is it possible to do something like this with Animate Pro? I know Pro has a network node for output to other applications is it possible to set up render passes through this? Thanks guys I definitely appreciate any input on this topic.

I havent worked with symbols much but in Animate Pro you can actually have more than one write node hooked up to your network which is very nice. You can render/export two or more branches of your network to disk. You should be able to to then render each layer in your symbols in one export (you’ll just need three copies of the same symbol set differently I believe, but Im not sure)

You can also write a script like you pointed out. It might be somewhat involved (only because making a script clever almost always entails some level of involvement. but not too much at times).

If you need the individual drawings in a symbol as is, you might be able to access each individual drawing from inside a folder nested within the “elements” folder. You can use utransform command line to transform these tvgs to something else.

Animate pro does have an external module that you can use to feed images to an outside program. It wont split images up per se, and its more commonly used to piece images together or simply generating an entire new image outside of Animate Pro when supplied with one (or two) inside Animate Pro…

Im leaving a couple details out for the sake of brevity (i know it dont look it) but hopefully this helps

thank you very much for taking the time to reply! I greatly appreciate it and you’ve given me something to chew on for the moment. Feel free to type away don’t let brevity stop you (he’s a jerk anyway). Animate pro is looking better and better to me I may have to upgrade. I’ll do some experimenting with your settings in the PLE version. Seriously thanks for taking the time to help me out.

You can use the utransform utility to convert your drawing elements directly into more usable image formats. See my post on the forums here:
Another option is that you can use Harmony to solo a layer and then export Open GL frames so only they layers you have marked as Solo will show. Feel free to ask more questions if this does not make sense.

You can use the Harmony to solo a layer or utransform utility feature to do that . Hope this might solve your problem. Feel free to message me for any help