Layer disappearing when in folder

Hello there,

I’m making a group to assemble the different parts of my character.
Thing is, when I put my drawings in the group, they disappear. Sometimes just the first one, sometimes all. It has nothing to do with opacity, toggling the eyes on of solo viewing of course, and when I check on the drawing window I can see them, just not in the camera window. I can’t draw anymore on them, neither move them in the group (like putting them two or three drawings below.) The only thing I can do is move them outside of the group and it works again.
It happens quite frequently.

Is this a known issue ?

Thank you for your time.

Yvan, student



Hello Yvan,

If you are running into a bug in our software, please reach out to in order to report it. They’ll work with you to figure out whether it is a setup issue or a bug with our software and then log the bug accordingly.

Good luck!