layer choice

Hi lilly, this one has been causing lots of annoyance for a while now .Why does the layer selection change when toggling between panels . ?is there a way to stop it .?( I don’t use the onion skin ) Example panel 01 has layer A . Panel02 has same layer A and layer B . If i am in layer B on panel 02 and then flick to panel 01 to check the image It will select layer A. If i then flick forward to panel 2 it will ignore my selection of layer B and automatically choose layer A . If i am unaware of this change I can then possibly spend a lot of time drawing in the wrong layer . Is there a way to keep the current layer selected even if i go to another panel and then return .? it used to be this way in old storyboard pro - boy you guys broke a lot of good stuff in v2 didn’t you ? there are probably lots of great things for production in v2 but so far the only good thing to come out of v2 for the artist has been the anti alias draw which is a very good thing . Please help make my drawing tools work again . I live with this programme 6- 7 days a week . thanks dean :’(

Hi lilly - sorry I jumped the gun on this one - I searched in preferences and pressed the ‘layer’ option in ‘general’ and now my layer selection stays where i want it . So all is good on this problem .