Layer bug

Hi,I am revising a storyboard, which means I insert a new shot or new panels. In this one case, I inserted/created a new shot 3 panels long, and incorporated camera moves in it, one per panel mimicking a POV run towards a subject. Afterwards, I reused a background by copying the artwork and pasting it on the BG layer of the new shot. Now, when I alternate layers on that panel I get the BG artwork or the animation layer, but I don’t see both at the same time unless I stay on the BG layer, the BG is invisible once I select the A or B layers. It also remains invisible in playback. I have locked and unlocked levels, Show/Hide levels, saved and re open the storyboard, nothing doing. As far as playback is concerned, it doesn’t exist, and yet it prints out.It’s a bit frustrating.Thanks.JPilotte

I found a workaround: Duplicate panel seems to fix it, and then delete the original panel.JP