Layer Automatically Flattened Lines

I ran into a new problem going through my inking on a recent project. Now I’m currently only using vector layers, so I’m used to having the ability to edit individual lines. However, when I created a few new layers to paste a different portion that was overlapping the original layer, all the frames on the original layer seemed to automatically flatten, so now each line is joined together, like you see in Flash. Now I’m not sure what I did to make this happen, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to undo it and bring it back to it’s original editable format.

Thanks for any help you folks can provide, and hopefully there’s a way I can rectify this issue.

Working in Harmony 12. My problem exact opposite, I want my vector lines to flatten and merge, very frustrating when editing or adding to artwork. Should be able make changes and they become part of original. Try optimizing, flattening, anything I can. Read in the manual that Harmony will not merge lines if it alters their shape, don’t agree the software should dictate what I want to do, it can make me aware of it, but should be able to change ‘shape’ if I choose. Would appreciate any input here