layer arrange problem

I’m having a problem with layering my elements. for some reason when I add an element, its goes in front of the last one. I’ve tried using “Send Backwards” and “send to back” but the dont seem to be moving. any ideas?

You can change the ordering of the elements in the Timeline window. It is done by dragging the layers in the left part of the Timeline.

I think what I did was move the camera away from my first images, so I didn’t have to rescale all of them to the same size. I assumed the new images I imported would be at the distance, but they are like, way infront of the first images, So I guess even if I “send to back” they are still sort of physically in front of the other images, which is actually kind of goofy.

The send to back and bring to front commands are used to rearrange layers within a single drawing (strokes).

The depth value (Z) and order in the Timeline are the way to change the ordering between elements.