Last Minute TBS Notification.

Hello, Toon Boom Team–

Yesterday (May 18, 2004), I saw this posting by Mathieu:


All Mac users please note: May 19th is the deadline to get the free upgrade
from Toon Boom Studio V1.x to V2.5.

All eligible users were sent an email with instructions on how to get the free upgrade. To be eligible for the free upgrade, you had to purchase Toon Boom Studio for the Mac and register your license key between May 22, 2002 and February 25, 2004. You will also be eligible for the free upgrade if you bought and registered Toon Boom Studio for the Mac within 30 days of the
customer release of V2.5.

If you haven’t upgraded to Toon Boom Studio V2.5, you must do so TODAY!

The Toon Boom Team

I have no personal complaint about it, since I upgraded immediately upon the arrival of the new Mac 2.5 upgrade. However, I must say that it must be a bit dismaying for all the users who have written in these forums, trying to find out whether or not they are entitled to a free upgrade, to discover that if they failed to act on the VERY DAY you posted this latest announcement that they’d missed the boat.

I know you posted the original info about May 19 deadline quite some time ago, but a second (and final) 24 hour notification, is mighty short.

What I am saying, is that, considering the amount of confusion users have registered here in the forums about the upgrade and who gets it free, etc., it might have been more helpful to have posted this LAST CHANCE letter a day or two BEFORE the final day.

As I’ve often said in these forums, I feel that I’ve been treated mostly well (though often frustrated by the lack of response about Mac 2.5’s availability) by Toom Boom and, despite the bugs in the earlier Mac version, I’ve found Toon Boom Studio to be an excellent animation tool. I’m just wondering how those users feel now if they haven’t followed the forum postings closely and are now forced to buy an upgrade they may have been entitled to had they acted yesterday.



Very good points.

My main concern is lets say I now need to re-install V 2.5 for MAC for some reason. I downloaded it on 4/24 and so far it is working fine. But I have heard about people needing to re-install software for one reason or another.

What would I do? Buy it TBS again? I haven’t even had it a year yet?