Lasso Tool Only Selects Outline, Not Fill Colors

When I use the lasso tool in Harmony to select something, it will only select the stroke of a drawing object, not the fills. This is extremely frustrating whenever I want to do any transformations or movements to a drawing object of any kind. I’ve looked on this forum and other outside areas for help, but I couldn’t find anything relating to this problem. I currently have the latest version of Harmony Essentials on MacOS Sierra. I tried things like turning the light table on and off, playing around with the tool settings, and restarting Harmony. As you can see in the screenshot below, when I selected and moved the characters’ mouth, the stroke moved, but not the red fill.

Also, this only seems to happen on certain projects. In some projects the lasso tool selects the fills perfectly fine, while on other projects, the lasso tool does not select the fill. I cannot think of anything that would make the projects different in any way in regards to that.

Let me know if you still need any clarifications. Thank you.

Hi MrLarryHW!

Is your line art and colour art seperated on to their respective art layers? If so, you will have to activate the ‘Apply to colour art and line art’ button in the tool properties when using the select tool.

Hope this helps!

Unfortunately Essentials does not have the feature Apply to Colour Art and Line Art. In the OP’s attached screen capture there are 4 icons absent in the Select Tool’s tool properties window.