Lasso Tool issues ?

I’m kinda new to Animate 3, and I’ve noticed that when using the lasso tool around a specific selected area it also highlights parts of the area I “don’t” want.

I don’t understand why its doing this. For example, I lasso the neck and down of a body maybe a little tiny tiny piece of hair gets caught in the lasso, but when I complete the lasso it selects a huge part of the hair along with the selected area of the lasso. If anything it should of just cut off that little piece of hair that got caught in the lasso not a huge chunk of it. It makes no sense to me, can you please care to explain ?

Also, take note that nothing is grouped.

Generally the lasso tool includes any shape that it touches even if most of that shape falls outside the are defined by the lasso tool. You can Ctrl + Select the unwanted shape to remove it from the selection though.