Lasso Tool: any way to modify selection?

Is there a way to add to or subtract from a lasso selection? None of the modifier keys seem to work, so I just retrace my lasso until I get it right, (instead of holding down option or shift to include/exclude errant anchor points).

I thought I had immediately tested and experienced removing a selected item within a selection but I am unable to produce that effect at this time.

EDIT: Upon further experimentation I am able to toggle between two things but I do not think they are equals. It is not yet clear to me what these are but I think it is toggling between the color art and line art layers or something else besides sibling items.

Thanks for confirming. This seems like a good feature. It’s so common in other software (and even in the finder of most operating systems) that I just assumed I would find a way to do it in SBP.

Shift and click the head to remove it from selection. You can’t use the bounding box to remove stuff from selection, it only works with shift-click on the object itself.

not for me. When I use the selection tool (black arrow) I can draw a loop around some vector lines – a torso for instance. The torso becomes selected, and a bounding box appears around it. Then I hold down shift and can add to the selection – a head for instance. So now I have torso and head selected. But no combination of keyboard modifiers (including shift) allows me to deselect the head while keeping the torso selected.

This is the expected behavior, if you have it, and I do not, I am confused.

it seems the shift key works intermittently to add to the selection, but alt/opt do not work to subtract from the selection.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Shift-clicking will also remove an object from selection.

I concur.

Subtracting a group of drawings should be as simple as holding the alt key and drawing the lasso, this is basic knowledge, or are they expecting us to shif+click every single we want to subtract? please add this feature