lasso fill?

does anybody know if there is a way to make the Lasso act as a fill tool?

i’m very used to this feature from another program and it has been one of the best ways to draw a fast shape that automatically fills itself and not dependent of any lines closed or not closed to fill behind a drawing or even on a blank part of the drawing area.

the tool act like a regular lasso except if you let go of your drawn shape it will fill the area drawn out if the start position doesn’t overlap or reach the end position (point of release) the program just completes the shape by making/finishing/closing the shape with a straight line to the starting position.

if not possible it would be a fantastic feature to add into a future version of this already fully featured program.




This Feature request is somehow related

You can use the “Paint Unpainted” tool for this but regardless of which tool, the selected region will only paint pencil lines, brushstrokes and fully enclosed areas (it’s a vector-based software after all). This type of selection-based painting has not been implemented for the new bitmap type layer yet.

yeah that’s what i suspected. it would be a great addition to the features.

that’s very saddening to hear that it’s impossible with vector programs. it’s a really time saving feature especially when you don’t want a closed shape style of drawing for the outlines. the dreaded paint bucket tool exists in many programs and i’ve found it too cumbersome to use. mainly because of the closed line requirement.

i know that just about everybody i talk to about using this software winds up asking me if that feature is included.

But if it is possible in the bitmap mode it would still be awesome.


Like the rectangle shape tool and the circle shape tool. It would be nice with a freehand shape tool with the option of “Auto Fill”

This would indeed be a very helpful feature. I’m new to this program and it was one of the first features I was looking for.