Larger Grid in Drawing and Camera Views

This may be simple, but I can’t figure it out. I am currently using Studio V. 3.0 and I want to enlarge the grid so that my animations/and drawings can be bigger, but I can’t seem to do this, so my animations come out clipped as tho’ close up.

Is there a way to make a larger grid area for larger animations?

Read this article in my Cartooning in Toon Boom blog. A grid is just a reference and this article explains how you can create and uses many different sizes and types of grids as references when you are drawing and animating. -JK

Perspectives and Counters

Thank you JK! I will read this later and see if it helps. What is happening for me is that the image is cut off because it is larger than the grid in both camera and drawing mode, so it seems when I make a movie it crops the image. I hope what you’ve suggested I look at will solve this issue because I need larger animations for export.

The size of your export is not based on the grid. It is set in your Animation Properties. You can set the camera export size to what ever size you choose.


Then set the camera size to suit your needs. -JK

See this is the problem. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I tried setting the file size larger, but this didn’t seem to work. I’ll try it again and export to Final Cut Pro and see if it works. I know it should. Thanks again for your help!