Large error in Animate 2 training videos

You guys have accidently linked the animate 2 training videos to download animate 1 training videos.

I was looking forward to the new 2 hours training that was promised in the advertising.

When will this be fixed?

Yes, that’s really nice if you dowload a 600 MB file to see afterwards that it is the same you`ve allready downloaded in the past >:(

I also find they way how TB handles the license a little bit … stupid. You get a 2 weeks license and have to wait for a permanent licence (how long?).

I really understand that software companies want to protect their work and it’s not really a problem to activate software, but for example Adobe or Microsoft shows that this could be done much easier as TB does.

Well i emailed in and got my code within 24 hours.

I assume the link is a mistake for the videos cause the advertising said 2 hours of animate 2 training. So I want them to hurry up and fix the link ;D

Wow I emailed in and got this:


Please return your current Animate1 code using the instructions below, thank you.

How to return/deactivate (if changing computers):

that is how to return

after you have done that you need to follow these instructions

also if you go to myproducts on the webpage you should see your temp. animate 2 code to use until the actual code comes.

I don’t get why they didn’t just give out an animate 2 code and automatically deactivate the old animate 1 code after 15 days.

Yeah I see the Temp code there in my products page. I just hope there are no problems with this, cause it would make me highly upset.

I agree with you on giving out an animate 2 code and automatically deactivate the old animate 1 code after 15 days. I guess TB must have some kind of internal reasoning for doing it this way.

I always give them the benefit of the doubt cause a company that makes a program like Animate deserves it. I will hold my breath and hope they don’t Adobe me, cause I tried Anime studio and thought it was garbage. Don’t want to have to switch to them.

well it worked fine for me.

you might have to wait a little longer with the easter weekend.

I assume there was a techincal reason for the way they did it, I guess they just wanted a person to physically check off on every code to protect their IP thus no automated system.

I returned my licence and emailed at the end of march and I’m still waiting. But maybe it takes longer to send a mail to Austria :wink:

I sent mine april 1st australian (not Austian) time . Maybe with time difference i was slightly before you.

The long weekend will certainly throw some spanners in the works. It was certainly a very curious time to release (Thought start of a working week would make sence for support)

just wanted to chime in - my license for animate 2 wasn’t temporary. i did the pre-order and cross-graded from studio. is that the difference?

yes, because you still get to keep toonboom studio.

Animate 1 users have to give back the Animate 1 licence before getting an Animate 2 licence.

Regarding the training videos, there are the Kickstart videos that have been updated with new information relevant to Animate 2. These are the videos that have been made available from the Welcome Screen.

May I ask where in the advertising that it said that there were 2 hours of new videos? From the welcome screen it advertises that there are 2 hours of video available for download - this was added to the welcome screen to make users aware of the Kickstart videos for those users who did not already access them through the eLearning section of the website.

Toon Boom Support

And regarding the licenses, we are working on improving the process. The way that it should work is, you get a 15-day temporary license. You return your Animate 1 license, by following the instructions here:

Then you keep your 15-day temporary license until you get your permanent Animate 2 license. To get your permanent license, you have to follow the instructions in the email. If you did not get these instructions, they are available here in the knowledgebase:

You will then receive a permanent license. Activate the permanent license. Now that the permanent license is activated, you can deactivate the temporary license and you’re good to go.

So theoretically, you should be able to work with that 15-day license key up until you get your permanent license, so if the licensor doesn’t get back to you for a few days, you should be all right.

However, if you have not received your permanent key after one business day, then it might be a good idea to send your email to licensor again. It is possible that some emails might make it into the spam filter.

Thank you for your patience and we will continue to improve on the process.

Toon Boom Support

One of the upgrade offer emails i recieved had “2 hours training” in a big circle over the animate 2 ad the top. To me being an upgrade email that has mean new videos.