Laptop suggestions for Animate Pro?

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend laptops that work well with animate pro? Or just generally good laptops for animation and video editing?



Personally I love my alienware laptop!

I guess it all depends on budget and if you prefer mac or PC. I have both and prefer my PC. But I can honestly see some people would prefer mac.

Just make sure you get one with a decent graphics card and you will be fine.

Thanks TheRaider.

I’m more of PC user. The Alienware laptops could sure do the trick, and they’re great for gaming, but they’re a little out of my price range for now. I might keep an eye out for specials though.

They aren’t just great for gaming (i have a desktop i use for gaming), I purely use the laptop for work.

You are definitly paying a premium.

The key is make sure you don’t get a cheap laptop which uses built in graphics. One that uses a nividia/radeon graphics are well thought of and is supported by Animate.

Currently Animate is 32 bit so having more than 4 gig of ram won’t change the performance in any way (although once they get the 64 bit it will!).

I have found Animate runs fine on most systems I have tried with a decent graphics card.

I don’t know where you are from but in Australia Dell sell well priced laptops which have good support.

What do you think of the Alienware M11x R1 series? Does that have enough grunt?

Thanks in advance.

I have it running perfectly on an 11 inch i5 macbook pro with 4gb of ram and am having no issues (I also have an alienware M17x R3 with 24 gig of ram and a GTX 580M but thats the beast).

SO honestly…it even runs on the integrated on processor gfx card on the new macbook air (not even the i7 version).


I’m using a Thinkpad Edge e520 with no issue whatsoever. It has Intel graphics but that doesn’t seem to be hurting anything. It was a fairly inexpensive machine too. I can work with two monitors without issue. My only complaint is that it only has 3 USB ports, so you have to ration things if you use a mouse, keyboard, tablet, printer, etc all at the same time.