Laggy Undo Hot Key (Ctrl+Z)

This is going to be one of many posts of questions about ToonBoom: Harmony 17

I’ve been rigorously learning ToonBoom: Harmony, and I am just amazed by all it’s wondrous features! But, on my journey I have run into some small quirks that I was wondering if tech support or the community had fixes for! This issue in particular, what that the hot key “Ctrl+Z” had a 1-2 second delay on a certain project of mine.

The last post I’ve seen about this issue was back in 2010, which is odd why I’d be running into it in 2020. Performance is of no issue, my machine is running well above recommended specs. Restarting the program has no effect on it either.

From the old outdated forum posts, they never seemed to find a solution, at least not publicly.

A thing of note: The file was originally created in essentials 17, scrapped, then opened and finished in premium 17.


Jacob Ethan Turner

Same problem a while a go i downloaded Harmony Toonboom 20 Premium and its so laggy on shortcuts but when I Downloaded the previous Version Harmony Toonboom 17 Premium, no lag occurs since I install the 17

I am having the same issue with Toon Boom Harmony 20 (Premium), but have not found a proper solution

Ctrl-Z has a delay, for me the delay is about 4 to 5 seconds. However when I go to Edit-> Undo, the undo works with no delay. There is also lag whenever I try to use the Lasso Tool. The shortcut for opening the lasso tool is Alt-S, but the lasso tool also opens if you just press Ctrl by itself. This lag with the lasso tool is probably what is causing the lag with Ctrl-Z, since when you hit Ctrl, the lasso tool comes up, lags the program, then the Undo is executed. The undo tool works fine if I change the keyboard shortcut to just Z, but this does not fix the issue with the selection tool.

Same here with SBP 7. So annoying.

I have this same problem, but it didn’t happen when I used the trial version, it only started happening after i paid for the full version. It’s really annoying and I regret buying the software as it’s basically useless now until I get a better pc, and hopefully that will fix the issue.

It looks like the users are doing all the beta testing for this tool and also the programmers don’t read these forums?