Lagging problem -- Drawing and camera view

I run TB5 on Vista, single monitor. My machine is a Pentium 2.8 GHz with 2 Gb Ram.

I often encounter “delayed reaction” problems. For example, if I hit play, I will see the Timeline view cursor moving, but nothing is happening in the Camera View (until I right click in it, and then I see my animation).

Other example: I want to change font size in the Drawing view. I double click on the text with the Text tool. It feels like it’s lagging (sometimes it will highlight the text, but sometimes I don’t see it highlighting). Once the text is highlighted, I use the Text tab to change font size, and I don’t see it changing in the Drawing view. That is, until I go in the drawing view and right click.

Any thoughts?

Sometimes there is an issue with OpenGL and our software. Try changing to Direct3D in the Display tab of the preferences.

Yeah baby!

So much better… ça fait du bien! merci!

Please I have a similar problem…when my cursor is in the camera view the software lags…but when I’m in the drawing view or in any other tab the software works fine… please is there anything I can do to stop this