Lagging brushes

I’m using TBS pro on a toshiba tablet (tecra M7) for a new show. I really like TBS for its non-linear workflow, the way to add/cut/copy/paste panels is really great. The automatic scene numbering is very useful too.But there is a major letdown : the drawing. When it comes to clean drawings, i really don’t like the look of the normal pen. So i’m using a texture pen, with 100% opacity and 50% hardness. I’ve set the texture quality to ‘very low’ in the preferences. The lines are nicer and it seems to work well for the TGA/PDF export. This is the first thing. But the major annoyance is a bug WHILE drawing. Sometimes I do a curved line and toonboom gives me a short straight line. Or sometimes i do a large line, say, the eyebrow of a character, then i do the pupil. but TB won’t do a circle, but a little straight line instead. It’s like sometimes toonboom is not following my pen and does a buggy line. This is a major annoyance, driving crazy most of the storyboarders i’m working with (some went back to Mirage because of that). And it happens with both pens : texture and non texture. It seems to happen more often with the texture pen, though. So I’m wondering if I should force myself to use the regular pen to MINIMIZE those erratic line bugs ? Or is there anything I can do to optimize the drawing performance in TB and get rid of those buggy lines ? I tried to give higher priority to storyboard.exe or tabtip.exe, but it doesnt seem to change anything. I’ve also noticed that the smaller the drawing window is, the less i will get the drawing bug. The problem is the small window is ok for rough drawings, but not for clean ones…

Yes i tried, without success. One thing i don’t get is even if you put this smoothness to 0, TB is still transforming the line a bit a little moment after I draw it.And I forgot to say : I also noticed that when the thumbnails on the timeline are automatically refreshed sometimes. When it happens, it seems to use a lot of TB resources, and sometimes i’m getting get the buggy line.

Another thing that may help is the Menu->edit->Preferences->Drawing View tab->“Show BrushStrokes in Place While Drawing”-ron