Lagging brushes for $900.00 ?

Support apparantly isn’t available to trial users (so when someone is evaluating your software you won’t address their questions so they can evaluate the software?) so I’m posting this here. Using the trial version and after a few minutes of working with marker style brushes to build up tone the brush stops putting down the paint and then slowly the stroke appears on the screen like blobs of uncontrolled spilled ink rather than the stroke I made. Vector based gradations are of course huge memory hogs and it brings up the question why on earth are you using a vector based program for storyboards? Storyboards are not animation . they’re quick sketch. If this were raster based I doubt there would be any memory overloads as I experienced.By the way I’m using a BOXX professional workstation and I’m not inclined to spend for 900 bucks for a program that lags. As a program to assemble art imported from Photoshop it’s fine but as a paint program it’s substandard. For example you cant interactively adjust the opacity of your brush while using it like you can in Photoshop or Painter. You have to open the brush your using and then adjust the slider. This is not a work flow enhancement it is a time wasting oversight.Unless the lag issue can be resolved I’d give this app a thumbs down.

Hi ZakCat,By default Storboard creates hi-res texture (around 2K), so open the Preferences panel, select in Drawing tab, then swtich to low or even very low for texture quality. You won’t notice the difference and it works without any slowdown on my laptop now.Happy Storyboarding,Sebastien

hi :)I’m David… I’m working in our studio with TBsboard V01 and Pro from some time ago… I see your point, ZacKat, and I’m agree with you about most of your comments… But I’m thinking what you said about the opacity… If I understood what do you said, I think that this works in another way in Pro tools… you can do it with in the ink color box that you’re using (or make a new ink color), where you can play with the alpha channel of the color, what is the same that interactively the opacity of the brush in photoshop… (I think in the trial version this works in the same way that in the full version)… I hope this help you to work in Pro ;)best regardsdavid