Lagging brush on pen display

I’m having a recent issue where the brush lags on my tablet display. This only seems to happen when hovering the cursor and especially when zoomed in on a drawing. At the same time, this doesn’t seem to affect the cursor when using the mouse. Beyond all of that, drawing is unaffected with all input. What’s going on? I don’t have antialiasing on or anything of the sort and Harmony is even set to my GPU (I have a dedicated mobile card forcing me to assign programs to either the GPU or integrated graphics).

Yup, exact same issue, especially with it working fine over the inactive window. That’s really weird.

It may be driver-setting related. Contact support to have a look on your
system. Does this also happen with newly-created scenes after a system

Keep in mind that with two monitors, each one gets half of the graphic card
resources. With 3 it’s one third. As these are both older cards, if you have the
monitors set to ultra-high resolution (4K), it may be taxing the graphic card
resources before you even start.

Which GPU is it?
How many monitors is it powering at the same time
and what are their display resolutions?

Also, you said the problem is recent.
Recent since which change to the system?

I’m using a GeForce GTX 860M with one 1080p monitor and tablet, so two screens. I can’t think of any significant changes other than the Win10 Anniversary update that broke my webcam. I’ve been through a couple generic system updates since but nothing specific I can remember.

Same issue here.

Just updated to Harmony Premium 14.

When “brush size cursor” is on, the pen cursor is awfully laggy.
Mouse using cursor not affected, drawing strokes not affected.
Surprisingly, when hovering Harmony window being inactive, it works fine. But as soon as i click and make it active, back to lag.

It works perfectly fine with Harmony Premium 12.2.1.
Preferences are exactly the same.

Config :
Windows 8.1
CPU Amd 6300 3.5GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 650

Wacom Cintiq 22HD
Triple Screen Desktop 1920x1080x3