Lagging after windows 10 updates

ToonBoom was working fine until I got new updates for windows 10. Now whenever I use my pen tablet it lags a minute or two for every single stroke. I encountered this problem with the previous update as well but it was fine once I unistalled the drivers for my video card and installed an older version of them (the support team said it was something about the updates conflicting with the OpenGL), but now it isn’t working. Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Some specs:
Intel Core i3-3110M Processor
64 bit operating system

You will need to again re-install the older graphic card driver.
Windows updates appear to be impacting the graphic card
drivers mainly for Intel graphic cards. Microsoft may be
re-applying the “fix” for every Windows update so for
some people the problem keeps coming back.

Try setting your update policy to only essential security
updates and examine the other proposed updates manually
to see if they make sense for your system.

I changed the update policy and have changed my drivers a few times but still it doesn’t work. Does it matter which of the previously released updates of the drivers I choose?

It does if you upgraded the O.S. version.
If that’s the case go for the driver for the original O.S.

Aside from that, try an older version, or a much older
version of the driver then reboot. After the reboot, try
re-installing a newer driver again. It may be that re-installing
the driver did not overwrite the files that Microsoft placed
there or changed.

Thank you very much for the help! I just installed the oldest version i could find and before doing anything else I tested toonboom and now it works fine. :slight_smile: