Lag while drawing rough Animation

Hey Guys, So I seen some people having issues with lag when they are drawing. Well I got the same problem. My issues are slightly different and as follows:

Brush tool and Pencil tool tend to lag or not even draw the intended strokes when I draw close to the existing artwork. I am able to lay down a few lines but it seems that the problem occurs when I have too many lines/strokes. For every 5 stokes i make, there is only 1 that actually gets drawn on screen. Perhaps this is a RAM issue but I am running it on 16GB from an ASUS laptop.

What’s your take on it guys? Really could use the help as I dont have much info to help me solve this issue.

Thanks in advance and I hope your projects are working out smoothly :slight_smile:

It may help to re-install the graphic card driver if it’s a Windows
system - especially after a Windows update if that’s when the
problem started.

If the laptop has an NVidia card go into the NVidia Control Panel and
from there to the “Manage 3D Settings” section. Make a custom profile
for the software and set the “OpenGL Rendering CPU” to the NVidia card only.
Set “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance”

Inside Harmony itself make sure the Light table is not on unless you are
actively using it as any transparency effect is costly for the graphic card to

Thank you very much…I will test this out and let you know what comes of this.

I also seem to remember that there is a setting when using a drawing tool that it’ll wait for a second or so for you to finish drawing before resolving the stroke and smoothing etc. So maybe you’re drawing all those stokes before it resolves, and it essentially guesses and merges a couple of your attempts into one stroke. Maybe you can look at that setting in preferences.

Just a guess.

Sooooo, I gave it a go according to your instructions and I think it may have dialed down the issue a bit but I still get it a bit more…as to what I depicted in my original post its now, out of 5 strokes…I land 3. Also…I realize that I get more response according to pressure applied on each stroke.

It may also have something to do with the tablet driver itself.
Try a different version Wacom driver than the one you are using.

Try especially this older one:

Also check if there is a difference between using a texture and flat colour pen.
If may be related to the graphic card memory. If you have multiple high-
resolution monitors using a mid-range, older graphic card - it may be
getting overloaded.

If you start up the computer with only one monitor running, are there still
missing strokes?

Go to the Preferences and on the “Advanced” tab is a setting called
“Delay before drawing vectorized strokes”

Try moving the slider more to the left, that may also help.