Lag in Storyboard pro 7

Hi, I’ve downloaded the trial version but the lag on the interface is terrible when using the pen settings. Drawing in the panel area seems to be fine though!

I read that Storyboard pro uses openGL (and not many programs do), but setting my graphics card (geForce GTX 1060 gb) to directly use its open GL and also max performance makes no difference.

I have a pretty powerful spec I thought, but maybe I’m wrong. Are there any other tricks to getting reasonable performance?

INtel Xeon CPU E5-1650 v3 @2.5ghz
64gb ram
64 bit
windows 10 enterprise
os build 171341365

GPU GeoForce GTX 1060 6Gb
Driver type 440.97


The trial ended without any follow up other than ‘please install latest drivers’. I won’t be able to further test this unfortunately. I’m sure the program is great, but the lag was a deal-breaker and not being able to resolve it dissappointing- I would have liked to give it a test in our pipeline.

Hello jammybread,

Can you update to the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers and let us know if the lag persists? Thank you!

Hi - I installed the latest from Nvidia website but it still lags ( I also tried my company ones but they were older) but neither improve the issue. I thought it might be my little wacom but the issue is still there with mouse. I include some video links to show the issue: one of Autodesk sketchup is to show that other programs don’t seem to have this lag.

Hmm - its a bit of a mystery for me

Hello Jammy,

Apologies for the lack of follow up, I had asked internally but the answer was unfortunately delayed.

Was the lag you were experiencing just pen related? If so, we generally recommend toggling the following setting in Storyboard Pro to see if it fixes the lag:

“Please try opening Storyboard Pro, go to your Advanced Preferences and toggle “Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support” and then apply the change. You’ll need to restart Storyboard Pro afterwards. If this does not work, we recommend making sure all of your computer drivers are up to date and, if they are, uninstalling and re-installing your pen drivers just to be safe.”

If you’d like to extend your trial a little longer, please reach out to us at and we will do that. If the above trick does not fix the lag issue, we would then recommend that you contact our support team so that they can troubleshoot the issue with you directly.