Lack of Activity

Just curious about the apparent lack of activity here. I visit a multitude of other animation and graphic application forums, and this one seems to tbe the least active of them all. Any ideas on why that is? As I said, just kinda curious…

I hear ya. I haven’t really paid much attention to any of these forums until recently, but now as I do and have posted a couple of queries myself, I realize that the community here in these forums is absolutely atrocious in terms of activity. Perhaps you’re better off looking for other means to get answers to your questions.

What other communities or forums are there for ToonBoom users? I really enjoy active discussions, and especially when people share what they’ve created…

Does anyone know of any good, friendly, and more active discussion groups for ToonBoom Animate Pro and Studio?

Hiya josephE-33218

i don’t know about anyone else, but i go in stages where i can post regularly, i then get snowed under with work, so don’t even get a chance to log into the forum. So it tends to be a bit random as far as activity goes for many people i think.

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I am starting to get into learning Animate Pro and so I expect to need to come to the forums for help now and then. How about we all make a deal and make it a point to start coming and posting to the forums on a regular basis and we can build up that activity?

I’m still debating with myself on whether or not to proceed with using Animate Pro 3. I’ve had it since it’s release, but truth be told, I’ve never used it. I am familiar with doing 2D animation with a couple different animation packages (CrazyTalk Animator (not that good) and Anime Studio Pro (really like it but it seems so haphazard), and Animate Pro 3 just seems like so much overkill. I’ve been watching and re-watching the Karate Rabbit tutorial series, as well as the new on-going tutorial series on ToonBoomTips (YouTube), and I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. (Especially that Network View). It seems as if rigging a character is very, very in-depth, and requires way more than I’m used to. I’m hoping the third installment of the ToonBoonTips will give me a bit more insight into deformations, which will help me in determining my on-going path, whether it be Anime Studio Pro v10, or Animate Pro 3. (as a side note, I also have ToonBoom Studio 8, but haven’t really used it either. I can’t quite explain why I even bought it, other than to say I’m a software junkie… but admitting you have a problem is the first step, right??)

I’ve said before in another thread, I’m merely a hobbyist. I do not work in the industry, and never will. I’m curious, of the others using ToonBoom products, if you’re pros or not, and why you chose ToonBoom products.