La Linea Animation?

Hello Animators and Drawers!

To introduce myself: I’m a 17-year-old dutch boy who has a passion for making films. Therefore, I want to study at the (dutch) Film Academy, but you have to do an audition for it. The audition contains an interview and you have to hand in a spectaculair film, so that they pick you from the 100 to 300 other people…

Making a spectaculair film is not the point;), I’m working on it right now… But for this film I wnat to have a special creditroll: Some of you might know ‘La Linea’, a man who walks on a line, and IS the line at the same time.

What I want is almost similar as the following, but the man has to look a bit different, and has to have another ‘adventure’ (depending on how much work it is, I have two short storylines in my head):

First of all: is anyone of you capable of making such a short movie? Am I on the right forum?

Well… I guess you can see what’s coming next: Is there anyone with some time and an animation program who wants to help me with this?

Couple things. First off, you could easily do an animation like that with toon boom (or any other program, or pencil & paper for that matter).

It’s a neat style & I’d enjoy seeing what you come up with.

Now a question - when you say you’re looking for help, I assume you mean you want someone to animate it for you. Is that the case? If so, I’m having a hard time understanding how you would be able to use someone else’s animation for your audition. Wouldn’t the school want to see what YOU animated?

If the help you are looking for is more like general guidance & advice that’s entirely different & I’m sure people will help you as they are able, but at first glance it sounds like you’re asking someone to get you into a school by letting you take credit for their artwork. Sorry if I took that the wrong way, no offence meant, just something you should be mindful of ethically.

Good luck with your project.

Hey KDog,

Sorry for being not so clear. I meant this: I am making a movie about a man who starts on a point, and starts walking in one direction, because if you do so, you should end at the place you started. But when you do so, you’ll find obstacles on your way. For every obstacle he goes back and brings a solution, a ladder to climb over a house par example. It’s a symbol for making film: creating your own problems, and solving them.
This man is just like La Linea, L.L. also walks over a lign. He even IS the lign.

The animation will be shown at the end of the movie: the lower half of the screen will show the animation, while the upper half will show the credits.

That’s one. Now second:
If you think that I am able to do it myself, with your help, I would love to do it myself. But I’ve never done it before, and it would be the first time that I use the program. This friend of mine could help me a bit (he also has the program), but he isn’t that good, when I’m honest.

The other option is, indeed, animating it FOR me. I don’t know how much work it is, but I guess it’ll take more than a second…
And then, of course, the next point: the reward.
It’s quite a lowbudget thing (wishing is wasn’t). I could give you some from my own pocket, but I think that’s not in proportion with what you would normally ask. I also could give you some publicity, but again: you should see it as a thing you do just for the ‘fun and brotherhood’ :wink:

You already passed your audition with me. You have a good eye for entertainment. That’s some seriously good animation that you are wanting to to use in your project. I assume that you are just producing a collaborative film project and need animation produced by a collaborative partner. That style although minimal in appearance is actually quite sophisticated. You may want to try to find a 2nd or 3rd year animation student to collaborate with you. There are some great schools there in Europe so you might start your search in them. Here is a link to a talented student that you might want to contact who may be interested or who may know of another student who would want to work with you.

I hope this helps you. -JK

Thanks for clearing that up Casper
I was a bit confused as I thought your entire movie was going to be animated :slight_smile:
& as for compensation & publicity, I wasn’t getting at that. As I mis-read & thought the whole thing was animated it seemed to be a lot to ask of someone to help you get in a school. Now that I understand what you’re looking for that’s clearly not the case. My bad :-[

JK has some great suggestions there, & I happen to know Arthur is freakishly talented & a nice guy to boot. If he is too busy to do it he is quite likely able to point you towards someone who can.

Again, good luck with your project. Keep us posted

Thanks for the contact with Arthur!

I’ve sent him an email, and I’ll let you know what his reaction is.


Unfortunately Arthur hasn’t responded (yet).
Guess he’s busy at the moment.

Do you know another person from your ‘2D student list’? :stuck_out_tongue:

The brother of a girl I know does ‘animantion’ at the dutch filmacademy. I’m gonna ask him, too. I’ll let you know…

Hi there,
Check your PM’s I responded there.

I’m afraid that Artur isn’t interested. No response anyway.
Another contact is too busy the coming period, so I’m stuck here…

Any new suggestions?

You can watch “De Wereld Is Rond” (“The World Is Round” in english) at my website: > films > De Wereld Is Rond (not in english available YET).

And, the best news: I’m now official a student on the NFTA, the dutch film academy!! They picked me! Thanks to ‘De Wereld Is Rond’ and his crew/cast…

Casper Eskes