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Hello I have a question/problem:

I’m working on a proof of concept backdrop for a project this includes stock images as decorations opposed to drawings. I was hoping that Toon Boom would vectorize the drawing into one shape to color in, instead it was cut up into many different triangles meaning I can’t get proper lighting. My idea was that I could copy and paste the image, make it black, then use some gradient / transparency to make said image look like it was in the dark.

Is there a way to merge all the shapes into one? If not then how could I get around this?

example of what I’m describing

Depends on the vectorization parameters you used.
On Output you would want to check No Colour Art and No Texture. Also make sure Show strokes is checked under Preview. Now play around with the other setting to get it about right.
Once imported you can flatten the vector image, then remove/cut any unwanted lines.

Where exactly would I find the vectorization parameters?

In the Import Images panel pick Convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing. Then under Vectorization select Black and White. Under that next to the plus(+) minus(-), click the Vectorization Parameters button (pencil).

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Hey it worked, thanks a lot man.

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Your welcome, glad you got it sorted.