Krita to Harmony

I made an animation in Krita and want to bring it into Harmony and convert it to vector. I made layers in Krita and want those layers in Harmony. If I export to photoshop, I only get the drawings from each layer with no animation. If I reder the animation to a series of psd, I can’t get it into Haromony properly (as vector)

Does anybody know how to get this done?


If I render to animation in psd format and hide the background layer before doing so, the conversion to vector is fine. Yet the layer structure is not available.

Have a look at the animation app Rough Animator. Rough Animator has a script to export scenes from Rough Animator to Harmony (keeping the layer structure and exposures intact) so if you know anything about scripting (or can find someone who does know scripting) you might be able to adapt the script from Rough Animator to do the same for Krita to Harmony.

Otherwise you’re pretty much stuck with exporting your animation from Krita as an image sequence (PNG or TGA) , then Import & Vectorize the image sequence into a layer in Harmony. The bad thing about that is that Harmony does not respect the layer structure or exposures from the Krita timeline, so you will have to reconstruct the scene in the Harmony X-Sheet/Timeline . Not too bad if you’re dealing with a short scene without too many layers, but a very lengthy scene (or scenes) with multiple layers would be a pain to manually reconstruct in Harmony , so an import script which keeps the layer structure and exposures intact is the better solution.