Knowledge Base is up

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to point out that we have a new help tool on the website to help out with issue about Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom Studio Express. If you are getting any installation problems or have a recurrent issues with tools or display make sure to go consult the Knowledge Base. You can access it through the Support section of the website or directly through this link:

Simply input the error you are having or a description of it inside the search field and you should get subject related to the error. If you have any comments about the articles make sure to post them so we can improve the Knowledge Base efficiency. Also, keep posting your problems here or sending them via e-mail at so we can solve them and publish the answer on the Knowledge Base.

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P.S. If you are experiencing SQL error simply refresh the page and all should be fine. There are currently issue with the connection to the database and we will be trying to fix those as soon as we can.