Knight and Dragon cartoon - dialogue

Hey guys!

I’ve just uploaded a brand new animation to YouTube entitled “I love you”.
The audio is from "Superbad"

Completed in roughly 4 days, this was a great learning curve for me.

Any thoughts/feedback you have would be greatly appreciated!


Super, Cam! Really great!

@Zebtoonz - cheers man! I don’t know why YouTube squashes it inwards like that - you can see the image above is how it SHOULD look, ah well. Hopefully on the next toon I’ll figure that out.

This is crazy good! I’m not much of a fan of borrowing soundtracks, but I think your version’s an improvement.

Love everything about your knight but that slight bounce in particular. Were all your body parts on separate layers? If so, you did a beautiful job of keeping them connected and still so elastic. And if this was straight ahead, well … same thing.

Also thought your dragon mouth poses and lip synching were fantastic! I think some of the … what to call it? Charm? Sweetness? One of those was lost a little because of the bounce missing in his body and the line weights (so different from the knight).

Just curious - what learning curve were you on? Whatever you were TRYING to learn -well, it looks like you nailed it.

Did you render it out at 16:9? Youtube (and Vimeo) love 16:9 resolution.

@Scaryfairy - wow, thankyou for such high praise! I agree about animating soundtracks. For tests it’s ok but when it comprises your entire portfolio it can get a little old.

The dragon was definitely the harder character to do, simply because of the scale of his character, not to mention many more details to worry about (ears, wings, belly, etc) - whereas the knight just has the 5 extremities (incl head). I agree the dragon is missing the bounce, you can almost see the animation improving in general by the third shot, once I’d gotten used to the characters/workflow.

The big learning curve was mainly workflow. This was all done straight ahead, but approached much in the way I do 3D - rough out the main poses and then start adding details in between. What I’m slowly learning in 2D is you should really focus on getting each motion right while roughing, and worry about the details later. I think this test came out great but won’t be my method in the future - hopefully this will help me speed up too.

Yeah, I render them out at 1920x1080, which should be 16:9, but they come out as movs… maybe YouTube prefers avi’s :frowning:

Thanks for your input!
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I really liked it too :slight_smile:

Can I ask how you did the video select at the end of you youtube video. I want to do that on mine but i don’t know how.

@TheRaider - cheers man!

Sure. There are probably a lot of different methods, but all I did was:

* create 1 or 2 “credit” backgrounds then import them into ToonBoom as symbols - ie. “SUBSCRIBE” or “This cartoon blah blah blah”
* Using Quicktime Pro, cut up older cartoons showing only a couple of seconds
* Save those as new “parts”
* Import the “part” quicktimes directly into ToonBoom on their own layer as symbols - it will convert them into images frame by frame.
* Move them around/cut them as desired

* Once you’ve uploaded go to “EDIT” on the video and click on “Annotations”
* Scroll to your credits, place a “SPOTLIGHT” over the desired area and specify for how long in the timeline below
* Make sure to click “add link” as an option and then type in the address of the desired video.


Thanks for watching!

Many thanks :slight_smile: actually really easy!

This was simply AWESOME!!! Good Job!! gonna tweet & share it!


@Kito - hey thanks man! Sharing is caring, I really appreciate it! :smiley:

@Lilly Vogelesang - Thankyou kindly! wow, very high praise.

This and your entire channel is awesome, great stuff

You can correct the aspect ratio on your video by adding the tag yt:stretch=16:9

Details on how to do it here:

Luis Canau


This is awesome - I think you should submit this to the showcase too. Email if you want to.