Kinematic output, what is it and how do I properly use it?

Just a quick summary should do, I learn pretty quickly. I read a little on it, that it connects 2 separate drawings to the same deformation pivot without deforming the separate drawing?

I probably stated the function of it wrong, hence my confusion on how to use it and what exactly it does… I would like a quick summary of what does it do? And how would I go about properly applying it? It sounds useful, just sort of confusing to wrap my head around exactly what it does.

Also quick note, I use Harmony Essentials, so any explanations on how to use it using the node view would sadly not help me, I only have the timeline view and layer property windows to work with.

There’s a good Essentials tutorial demonstrating how to create and use kinematic outputs here:

I have watched that before, I must have over looked it though or not payed enough attention. Thank you!

Hello fantasyrook1

Glad you figured out what your looking for.



Also the kinmatic output basically keeps the child from deforming. It also keeps the scene file lighter. When you have a hand with a peg going into the deformer without he kinematic output and the hand deforms on many keyframes the scene will start t get heavier because the peg is causing a offset calculation.

It is important to always have a kinematic output if you have any pegs below the deformers for any clild module.