Kinematic output not working on ONE bone deformer rig?

Hi guys,

I’m totally lost here: I’m working on a bone- deformer rig, and it’s acting up really bad. As you can see in the attached picture, I have a KO node from the deformation chain for the character’s chest, into his arms and neck.

When I deform the chest, both arms are also deformed. I’ve tried this with and without pegs on the arms, removing the arms’ own bone deformers… to no avail. Funny thing is, I’ve followed the same procedure I tried for this file on a brand new project, and it worked fine.

Am I missing something here? If it’s any help, I’m on harmony premium 14.0

Thanks a lot!


It’s a bug in the release of 14 where if you have a deformation chain this happens, nothing you can do about it. However it has been fixed, but the fix version still hasn’t been posted still for whatever reason. Your choices are either go back to 12.1 or bug support to give you the beta test version with the kinematic output deformation chain fix like I did (and they ended up sending me a fix).

Thanks, vrexus! You literally saved my sanity, as I’d tried all kinds of stupid things looking for a solution.

Since my desktop plan doesn’t include older versions, I guess my only option is to go the beta way. Support guys, here I come!! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, vrexus. You’ve been very helpful!


Sure, it drove me mad too.

I could technically upload it to you directly since it’s just a patch. Come to and ask about it in the toonboom section on the chat.

Vrexus, you’re an absolute hero!! Sure, I’ll be right there (I’ve re- rigged one of the characters using cut-out, and it just kills me!) :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton!!